On August 22nd, 2015:

U.S., Israeli and some NATO countries’ armies are working on a top-secret project: bacteriological world genocide. They are doing this without any declaration of war. Their project is to spread manmade diseases that will kill all nonwhite and non-Jewish people.

It will be very easy to disperse the bacteriological agent, since very small amounts can easily be shipped within regular food or raw materials. And this bacteriological agent can target only people who are non-white or non-Jewish. But this is a little problematic for the Israeli government, since a majority of Palestinians are, in fact, genetically real Jews because their ancestors were Jews. Meanwhile, a majority of Israelis lack the genetic traits of real Jews because they are, in fact, descendants of central European people who converted to Judaism.

The solution, more difficult, is to use a disease that would kill everybody. This requires that the entire white and Jewish populations be vaccinated against it.

The disease would, of course, be disguised as a well-known disease like cholera or typhoid, etc. The white and Jewish populations would be forcibly vaccinated in a mandatory way under the pretext of protecting humanity. A false (non-effective) vaccine might be shipped to all non-white countries under the pretext of “a humanitarian gesture,” and would possibly contain active ingredients that make the disease more lethal. The U.S. and Israeli armies have already started to test these “weapons” in Africa and, very recently, in Syria. They will also test the real and fake vaccines. The ultimate goal of the United States, Israel, and the NATO countries is a world without black, arabic or asian people: a world in which they can freely create a new empire without any local population disturbances and without starting a nuclear world war that would risk destroying the entire planet.

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