From now on, under the title “ElohimLeaks,” I will immediately post the most recent information from the Elohim about what’s happening in Earth’s most secret government services. The people governing this planet must know that the Elohim are watching us and that they know everything. No “top secret” information or state secrets of any government can be hidden from them.

I’m not sure if I will live on Earth for very long after the few revelations I’m about to make. That’s because I’m now on the list of people who “need to be terminated” by the U.S. and Israeli secret services. But even if I were to disappear, someone would replace me and receive the information from our Creators. That person would be either the new elected Guide of Guides (who would replace me) or someone else, who would reveal himself ONLY for this purpose and not be a new Prophet (since there will be no more Prophets), or someone chosen to be the new Raelian Movement leader. His mission would ONLY be to reveal state secrets and absolutely nothing else. Whatever happens to me, the Elohim will make sure they continue trying to save humanity.

-Maitreya Rael-

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