On August 21st, 2015:

Some in the Israel government, to counter world sympathy for Gaza and Palestinian suffering, are thinking about creating a “false flag” attack in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in which a powerful bomb will kill thousands of Israeli citizens. They will then blame this attack on “a Palestinian terrorist.” But this will actually be a psychiatric patient manipulated by the latest mind control techniques, making him believe that he is receiving direct orders from his god.

The Israeli Secret Services, disguised as Hamas members, will provide him with a huge amount of explosives and give him access to the site of the supposed “terrorist attack,” probably a sports stadium or other event site where thousands of people will gather. These top Israeli government officials are willing to sacrifice thousands of their own citizens to stop the world from siding with the Palestinians over Gaza, and to create a new and devastating genocidal attack against the Palestinians. The follow-up will be the forced evacuation of all Palestinian survivors to a welcoming, allied Arabic country “for their own protection” and the annexation of all Palestinian territories.

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