On August 22nd, 2015:

Since Israel controls most of the water supply in the Palestinian territories, the Israel army is studying the possibility of poisoning this water with highly infectious diseases. Then, after an outbreak that would kill thousands, they would send the Israeli army to “help the population” with intentionally non-working medicines and vaccines, thus giving Israel a good image as the “savior” of the poor Palestinian people while causing an actual genocide disguised as the outbreak of a known disease.

In fact, this will be a man-made disease, but one causing the same symptoms as well-known diseases. The media will propagate the official lie without any inquiry. The only fear of the Israeli army is that some bacteria or diseases can become airborne and would also kill many Israeli citizens. They are working on a vaccine that will be mandatory for Israeli citizens and allegedly created to protect them from well-known disease outbreaks in Palestine. In fact, the vaccine will be specifically made for this man-made disease and different from the ineffective one given to Palestinians. Palestinians should not drink any water supplied by Israel; they should drink only the small amount of water that is of Palestinian origin or bottled water.

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